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Peninei Halakha > Women's Prayer > Chapter 06: Birkhot Ha-shaĥar – The Morning Blessings > 05. Until When May One Recite Birkhot Ha-shaĥar?

05. Until When May One Recite Birkhot Ha-shaĥar?

Le-khatĥila, Birkhot Ha-shaĥar should be recited as close as possible to the time one wakes from her sleep, for they were essentially established to be recited as part of the awakening process. Although we customarily recite them later consecutively, it is not proper to delay their recitation further.

Whoever did not recite Birkhot Ha-shaĥar upon waking must try to recite them before the time to pray Shaĥarit lapses, since some poskim link the time of their recitation to the time of the Shaĥarit prayer. In other words, one should try to say them within the first four seasonal hours of the day, and be-di’avad until ĥatzot (midday). However, if one does not manage to recite them before ĥatzot, be-di’avad she may recite them the whole day. The reason for this is that according to most poskim, the time to say Birkhot Ha-shaĥar differs from the time to recite Shaĥarit, because Birkhot Ha-shaĥar are blessings of thanks for the good things from which people derive pleasure throughout the day (see Peninei Halakha: Prayer, ch. 9 n. 3).

A woman who recited Birkhot Keri’at Shema and prayed the Amida and then realized that she forgot to recite Birkhot Ha-shaĥar must make up all the missed berakhot with the exception of Birkhot Ha-Torah and Elokai Neshama. This is because according to many poskim, even without intending to do so, she fulfilled her obligation of Birkhot Ha-Torah with Ahavat Olam before Shema and fulfilled her obligation of Elokai Neshama with Meĥayei Ha-metim in the Amida (SA 47:7; MB 59:9; see below 7:5, and Peninei Halakha: Prayer, ch. 9 n. 2).

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