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Peninei Halakha > Women's Prayer > Chapter 23: Some Laws Concerning the Holidays and Festivals > 11. Birkat Ha-ilanot – The Blessing on the Trees

11. Birkat Ha-ilanot – The Blessing on the Trees

One who goes outside during Nisan and sees fruit trees blossoming recites Birkat Ha-ilanot, a berakha that expresses gratitude to God “Who let nothing lack in His world and Who created in it good creatures and good trees to bring people pleasure” (SA 225:1). Even though this berakha is connected to the month of Nisan, the poskim explain that this is not a time-bound obligation because according to most it is permissible to recite this berakha upon seeing blossoms even in a different month. Even according to those who maintain that this berakha may only be recited in Nisan, it is not because Nisan is defined as the time for making the berakha but because it is when blossoms appear. The berakha is dependent on the appearance of blossoms, not on a particular time. Therefore, it is proper for women to recite this berakha as well.

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