Peninei Halakha

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03. Baking Ovens and Trays

The oven itself and the racks on which trays are placed are kashered by cleaning them and running the oven on its hottest setting for half an hour.

Baking trays are not kashered because they absorbed through fire, and kashering them requires libun at a temperature of 400oC, which will likely cause them serious damage (above, 10:5 and 9). One should therefore buy special baking trays for Pesaḥ, while the ḥametz trays should be cleaned and put away like all other ḥametz utensils. Instead of special Pesaḥ trays, one may use disposable trays.[3]

[3]. With regard to the oven walls, the entire concern is for steam that may have been absorbed into them and will be released by the walls, thus rendering Pesaḥ food forbidden. Therefore, it is certain that the oven can be kashered by heating it to a high temperature. Even if a ḥametz dish once spilled and was absorbed into the oven itself, since there is no direct contact between the oven itself and the Pesaḥ foods, and the only concern is for steam that it might release, heating the oven to its highest temperature is sufficient. (This is also the view of R. Shlomo Zalman Auerbach in Halikhot Shlomo 3:2; however, Ḥazon Ovadia, p. 132, and Ḥut Shani 10:2 state that one must also wait 24 hours, as is customary before hagala. Nevertheless, in practice, this is not necessary since it is being kashered by means of libun, as explained in Peninei Halakha: Kashrut 25:11). Even though heating the oven itself to its highest temperature kashers it, it is customary to clean it as well. Ovens that self-clean at more than 400oC need not be cleaned before kashering even according to custom.

Baking trays in which ḥametz is baked cannot be kashered because custom follows the stringent view (above, 10:5) that requires a temperature or 350-400oC to kasher them by means of libun, which will damage them. However, one who wants to rely on the lenient view, that even libun only requires heating up to the temperature at which the baking took place, may kasher the baking trays in the oven, as explained above (10:5).

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